About Us

herd of turtles: n. a group of friends who walk long distance paths together. Identifiable by their slow pace, general faffing about, and unwillingness to walk more than 15 miles a day.

My name is Sarah and I’ve decided to record our escapades. I get many questions from friends and family about our walks, and I figure I can write about it more eloquently than I could ever tell it!

Me, Sarah

For those reading our walking journals that don’t know me, here’s the introduction:

I’m a 30 something Canadian living in London, UK and working in heritage conservation. I’m relatively new to long distance walking having only started in 2010, but I have been bitten by the walking bug!

I grew up in a rural area, where walking was something you did to get you from point A to point B, usually only at times when the school bus wouldn’t go up the hill because of the snow! I vaguely remember doing long walks when I was in the Girl Guides, but they don’t seem to have left much of an impression. That was about my level of experience when I started thinking that I wanted to walk the 95 miles of the West Highland Way.

Having discovered walking in Britain, now I find I look forward to escaping the city and rambling in the countryside. The others who usually join in are Jacquie and Jess, friends from work and Susan, Jacquie’s mom. There are also other friends, and friends of friends who come along too. The more, the merrier! We’re all in it for the fun and good company.